Napier Art Deco

The Art Deco Capital Napier range represents iconic features of Napier in Art Deco style. A popular gift range including art prints, stationery, homeware and much more.

Napier Little Buildings

Take a piece of iconic Napier architecture home with you. These beautifully crafted art deco facades are lightweight and come flat-packed - an ideal gift to send home or for you to make during your trip. Exclusive to the Napier i-SITE you can choose from four designs: National Tobacco Building, The Daily Telegraph, Tennyson Chambers and Central Fire Station

Napier Six Sisters

Choose from our extensive range including art prints, cushion covers, tote bags featuring the historic Six Sisters buildings of Marine Parade

Napier Souvenirs

We have an extensive range of Napier souvenirs

Pania of the Reef

Pania of the Reef, the legendary beautiful Maori maiden who lived in the sea but who captured the heart of local chief Karitoki when she swam ashore each day is a very popular figure in Maori mythology. The bronze statue of Pania on Napier's Marine Parade waterfront with her romantic story has charmed locals and visitors alike since it was unveiled in 1954.